The Emotional Realm.  Water is nourishment, intuition, connection with others.  Be it uncontrollable waves of rage or the encompassing feeling of being in love, water can offer a smooth, gradual exploration of emotions, or throw you into a monsoon. 


The essence of water are the nutrients that are absorbed into the roots, the sugar that gets stored and then released to the rest of the plant.  It is the fluids that run through our bodies, carrying nourishment that is needed and expelling what is not. 


Water teaches us the power expressing our emotions.  When we hold them in, it creates dis-ease in the body.  Allowing space for them to show up and then move through brings nourishment.  It reminds us to trust our intuition. 


Included in Bundle:

-15g Lemon Balm loose leaf tea blend

-1oz Sacred Waters tincture

-.5oz Calendula oil

-Feminine & Masculine print of Water embodied

-Suggested practices for connecting with Water


*See individual products for how ingredients



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