The Realm of Transformation and Passion. Everything fire touches transforms into something new. If Air is where new ideas come from, Fire is the push to get it started. Fire urges us forward; reminds us to stay playful; stressed the importance of the passionate romance in all of us.


Fire’s essence is the sprout that cracks open its seed and the determination to continue growing. It is our heartbeat that pumps blood to the extremities of our body and then back again, keeping us alive. This is the elemental quality needed for that spark of inspiration, rush of adrenaline, and ability to party all night long (in whatever way that may look for you).


Although fire is exciting, too much of a good thing usually results in a burnout.


Included in Bundle:

-15g Yarrow Blend loose leaf tea

-.5oz Ceremonial Flame tincture

-1oz Chamomile-Ginger oil

-Feminine & Masculine print of Fire embodied

-Suggest practices for connecting with Fire


*see individual product pages for ingredients



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