The Terrestrial Realm.  Earth is the holder of space, support structure, and all things material.  It is the densest of the elements and, if nourished, provides the foundation needed to build upon.  This element reminds us that, no matter how monotonous it can be, slow and steady work pays off in the long run.  Because, “all good things take time.”


The qualities of Earth can be seen, most apparently, in the root systems of plants.  Roots reach down into the Earth and pull up the nutrients that support the plant’s growth.  The roots are also the physical foundation of the plant, which is mirrored in our own bodies: the skeletal system and skin.  


Earth knows that wisdom and strength come from within.  Trusting in the quiet spaces keeps us in alignment. 


What happens when there is too much Earth?  We become heavy, stagnant, rigid, and overly attached to the material realm.   


Included in Bundle:

-15g Burdock loose leaf tea blend

-1oz Ground Down tincture

-.5oz Burdock-Dandelion oil

-Feminine & Masculine print of Earth embodied

-Suggested practices for connecting with Earth


*See individual products for ingredients



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