Have you ever stood outside while the air whips arounds?  Air is invigorating, uplifting, and clarifying.  The quality of air is present when we have a new idea or creative inspiration.  It’s that feeling when you take a big, deep breath and feel a surge of clarity and spaciousness.

Air’s essence is seen in a plant’s vitality and the possibilities that lie ahead.  It is our dreams, imagination, and creative expression.


Just as in a windstorm, too much air can have you up and out of your body (energetically speaking) and have you feeling easily distracted.  On the other hand, not enough air and one can suffocate.


Included in this bundle:

-15g of Tulsi-Hawthorn loose leaf tea blend

-1oz Tune In tincture

-.5oz Lemongrass-Peppermint oil

-Masculine & Feminine print of Air embodied

-Suggested practices for connecting with Water


*See individual products for ingredients



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