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"Hey I’ve really been needing/enjoying connecting with water, pretty easy to see and feel the effects with the current conditions, yeesh


Really very nice all the way around, I can see the care you put into your craft so thanks for sharing with me.. planning to schedule a consult and reading, just trying to get through the haze at the moment.  Anyway, just wanted to let you know it made its way and is being useful so thanks again🙏"


The Elemental Kits are intended to support you as you immerse yourself in a deep exploration of the elemental energies.  Each of the products are infused with intuitive energy work and the element Ether/Spirit.

Navigating the herbal and energetic world can be a little staggering alone, especially if you are just beginning. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, not sure where to start, or would just like some guidance and support, you can schedule a holistic consultation with me here.

While trying to figure out which of the elements you are being called to work with, it's important to notice not only the ones you are naturally drawn to, but also which element you are least attracted to, or maybe have resistance to. Sometimes the thing we feel most resistant to is exactly what we need to be working with. 

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