My name is Kassaundra Lynn.  I am an herbalist and intuitive energy worker.  I help my clients stay grounded in their bodies, deepen their awareness of Self, and find balance in themselves. I focus on exploring shadow work, clearing energetic blocks and working with the elements to regain balance throughout your entire system.

If this works resonates, I would love to connect. 

"If you're feeling a little off (who isn't right now?) and want to check in with yourself, have Kassaundra do a tarot reading for you! I've never had a virtual tarot reading before, but honestly, there's something to be said for it. I now have a recording of my reading, and can listen to it and think about the information more deeply. I've been enjoying referring back to it. Thank you, Kassaundra!"

-A. Grabiner 

"Getting a Tarot reading with Kassaundra was such a wonderful experience - insightful, powerful and grounding. It helped me reflect more deeply on what's going on in my life and work through some layers. Kassaundra was able to provide guidance and thoughtful insights on certain issues that were popping up in my life. Having a reading with Kassaundra was such a nice way to connect more deeply with myself, and I recommend a reading with Kassaundra to anyone who is looking to do the same."

-J. Cordes


Locally Sourced, Small Batch

Holistic Remedies

Handmade in Portland, OR

"Just had my first round: What a wonderful cup of tea. The flavor was earthy and delicious, and I could genuinely feel my body relax. Drinking it, I can tell how much intention you put into ensuring a pleasurable flavor as well as a nourishing combination of herbs. I feel like I could drink this every evening."

-C. Pennington (Sacred Waters Blend)

"It's super mellow and breezy, like the wind on a warm day."

-M. Woodbury (Tune In Blend)





Portland, OR


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